What is Email Marketing?

email marketing

Email has become an integral part of our professional and personal lives, we check it in the morning on the way to work, in the middle of the day, on the way home and if we’re a little bit too addicted, then we’ll probably check it on over the weekend too. With people checking this tool so much, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage and integrate email marketing into your campaigns? 


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a strategy of digital marketing that has proven to be a highly effective tool in creating new leads, pushing people along the marketing funnel and boosting conversion rates and retention. The best marketing emails are able to do wonders for your business and networking and the process is simple, all you have to do is send emails with marketing content to potential and current customers. 

Email marketing is highly effective not only because of the frequency with which people check their mail, but also because of how accessible an email address is. It can be found via social media platforms, networking platforms such as linked in and can also be generated through the contact us feature on your website. You might be asking yourselves, is email marketing profitable? The answer is a resounding yes, email marketing has a significantly higher ROI than social media, about 3 times higher to be specific. It might seem like a less elegant form of marketing but it would be foolish to leave this tool behind. 


How to do Email Marketing

Let’s start with the fact that your company and/or business needs a website, and if you haven’t made one, it’s best to turn to a professional website building company. Your website serves as the digital marketing homebase for your business, and is crucial when performing email marketing tasks because you want prospective customers to be able to take advantage of any offer you have. 

Assuming you have an up and running website, you will then need to grow your email list. This can be done through research, which can take you a very long time and/or through your website. On your site you can offer a discount, free consultation, free 1 month membership etc. in exchange for an email address to be added to your list. Another option is to make use of your social media pages, allowing you to spread awareness for your business and draw the audience into these sign up methods, leading to growth in your email list. 

After you have an established and flowing email list you can move on to the actual marketing phase. Don’t forget, before any campaign try to refresh your email list so that you can maximise the outcomes of your marketing. 


 What to write in Email Marketing

There are a few things to consider when conceptualising your marketing emails which you will find below: 

Timing The time of day that a person receives an email is likely to have an impact on whether they will open that email and be interested in whatever it is that is being offered. We recommend doing some A/B testing in order to learn what time frames are best for your audience. 

Subject Line – Your subject line is the first bit of information your marketing target sees, so make it catchy, use a friendly tone and do your best to stimulate curiosity in the least amount of words possible. 

Write personally – Avoid writing an email as though it was directed at an audience of hundreds of people. Everyone likes to feel special so construct your wording in the email as though you are talking to one person head on. Imagine how you would like to be written to if you were marketed. 

Be Informational – The best way to create buyer trust? Be informational and open. Give people high quality and catchy information about what you do and what services you offer, link positive reviews about your business and be honest. To make a long story short, give them every reason in the world to want to know more about you. 

Client Retention – The marketing doesn’t stop, even when the sale is made. If users are required to sign up in order to make a purchase or part of the buying process involves giving an email in order to receive an online receipt, make use of this! Send a follow up email after a purchase, thanking the customer for choosing your services, maybe offer them an incentive discount on their next purchase so that they come back, the options are limitless. Email marketing isn’t only meant to gain new clients, but also to retain existing clients and keep them coming back for more. 


There you have it, some tips about how to integrate email marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy. This is not a tool that you should overlook because it can be extremely profitable and relatively low effort. Want more tips on how to improve your digital marketing? Contact us now, our experts are ready to help you and your business grow!


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