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We here at Methodika offer a wide ranging number of services and one that we pride ourselves upon is the expertise of our web development services. We have been working with businesses and corporations running from sizes small to large, offering them personally tailored web solutions on a number of different domains. We pride ourselves in the role we have taken in helping promote a number of brands and businesses. 


What we offer

Professional Web Designers and Developers – Our team of experts works tirelessly around the clock to develop the most attractive websites for our clients. Our developers and designers work hand in hand on a number of different platforms, creating websites and solutions that are intuitive responsive, and take into account at every stage, the vision of our clients. 


Cooperation – At every stage of the process, we are fully conscious of the responsibility which you have bestowed upon us, and we are fully committed to your feedback during these stages of the development process. Throughout our service, we will keep close contact with you in order to ensure you have 100% satisfaction with the finished product. 


Content Creation – As part of our various development packages, we offer you the possibility of having our writers create engaging and relevant content for you in English, Hebrew, French and Italian so that you may expand your business out into the world. We realize that SEO is a huge part of this and are sure to integrate it into every content marketing strategy at the start of every project. This way we can always keep in mind while running, where it is we want to get to. 


Analytics – When any company decides it wants to fully take advantage of the digital world and develop their online presence, they have to be able to understand how people are interacting with that presence. We will offer you our expertise in analyzing the data that is provided from different platforms, by breaking it down and giving you the most crucial conclusions based off of this data. This way, you can always be on top of how your company is doing and act in the most intelligence and calculated way moving forward. 


Checking up on Competition – No matter what business you decide to pursue, one thing that will always follow is competition. The  best way to stay ahead of the competition is to be well informed about them. Our marketing experts will keep an eye out within your field of business and look to see if there are any projects, campaigns or new products out there which you should know about. If there are any changes we will send you simple and relevant feedback so that you and your business can always be one step ahead!


Usability and Bug Testing – As part of our development packages we offer services for the inevitable possibility that your website experiences bugs and/or any other problems. Prior to launching the website online, we will make sure to test the website thoroughly, but sometimes even after any testing is done there can still be bugs now and again that need to be taken care of. When taking our services, you can rest assured that we will ensure the delivery of a perfectly finished product and perform the most professional maintenance as required. 


Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now if you want to experience a huge boost in your sales and get more exposure for your brand. Your results are are our pride!  

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