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In the competitive world we live in, businesses have to keep up with the pace to succeed and stay in the game for as long as possible. To stay ahead of the curve, every business must build a website and keep up with social media in order to reach as wide an audience as possible and enjoy more widespread exposure. 

However, merely building social pages and websites is NOT enough; there are certain rules that have to be followed, mostly set by Google. With professional SEO, your business will always be ahead of the competition, allowing your business to benefit from reaching your target audience. 

The Basics of SEO: The Cornerstone of Site Promotion

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in simple terms, it is the process in which website owners improve the quality of their website to increase its visibility. As mentioned above, Google is the reigning king when it comes to search engines, and to get to its top pages, website owners have to follow certain rules set by the largest search engine in the world.

The most important part of SEO is organic traffic, meaning the traffic that website owners do not pay for. In many cases, businesses pay to get their website/social media pages to the top of Google’s pages but the competition is quite fierce, and not every business can afford to pay for every search word.

That is where the organic SEO comes in handy; by building a quality website that targets and adheres to search engines’ pre-set rules, your business page will climb up without you having to pay for it.

SEO from an Advanced Perspective

Now that you know the basics of SEO, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty and discover how exactly you can improve your website visibility and score. The most important thing you have to remember is to keep your website looking professional and well worded. To get to the point where your website “climbs” to the top of search pages, these are the rules you need to keep in mind:

Keyword research – Google and similar search engines use special “crawlers” that scan website and content and score them based on their quality and relevance. To make sure your website hits the mark, you must first find out which keywords are relevant and popular for your business, meaning which terms your target audience searches.

There are several tools at your disposal for keywords research, such as Google Console, where you can find which keywords are necessary for you. Once you have this information, you will be able to build content according to your target audiences’ needs and searches.

Quality content – keywords are usually a part of entire content pages, and this is one more thing that search engines “crawl” for. When writing content for your website, you have to make it understandable and keep it at a certain quality. Search engines search for not only content but quality content, so you need to make sure the texts you incorporate in your websites and social pages are well written and contains the necessary terms.

Linking and hierarchy – when posting new content on websites and social media pages, you also need to incorporate internal links to your resources and to other websites as well. By doing so, you are providing your target audience with information from additional resources, which is another thing that search engines look for.

Technicalities – aside from content that is immeasurably important, you also need to make your website easy and understandable to use. Loading speed, website security, compatibility with different sized screens and other parameters greatly affect the user experience that needs to be as good as possible.

Aside from these technical issues, your website and social pages also need to be visually pleasing; pages must contain high-quality photos, be well-designed and look in a way that will make visitors want to stay on the page for as long as possible.

Ranking Up on Google with Methodika

The SEO process is lengthy and most business owners do not have the time and tools to do the necessary research and build websites that suit search engines’ demands. So, how can you rank up high on Google and other search engines? To hit the mark, you need a professional marketing company that specializes in custom SEO, and Methodika is one such company.

At Methodika we create quality websites, content and design our clients’ sites and pages based on every necessary parameter set by search engines. We will perform all the background research for your business and our expert team will create high-quality pages, content, and design for your every need.

With a professional team of programmers, designers, writers and marketing experts, Methodika will help your business get to the top of Google and increase your exposure with your target audience in every field.

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