Mini Sites

We have all heard about what a website is, but the term Mini Site is not one that is necessarily known by most of the public. Well, the explanation for what a mini site is lies in its name! Simply put, it is the mini version of a website. In contrast to a website which normally should have a few pages, and a fairly good amount of content, in the case of a mini site (otherwise known as a niche site) there is usually online one page that deals with or advertises one product and/or service. This method of working is exceptionally useful when a company selling multiple products wants to boost the exposure of one particular product or service so that customers are able to gain awareness of it. Furthermore, a mini site doesn’t only need to focus on a product, it can also help to create promotional buzz for a company’s marketing campaign


What Mini Sites can do for your Business

A mini site is quite flexible but in a specific way. For the purpose of pushing a product or service, a company can add to the mini site an informational promo video, reviews, commentary, product applications and anything else that you could possible imagine. These mini sites are beneficial when companies want to sell or promote something quickly. Take for example a car dealership that wishes to finish off the stocks of a particular car. Through the use of a mini site they could directly advertise this model, and keep the mini site live until the stock of that car model are completely depleted, and move on to another product. 


They can also lead to a boost in Brand Awareness. An added benefit of creating minisites is the boost in the exposure for your brand. If a company goes through the trouble of creating a niche site, whereby a product is the main focus, but the company name and logo are also on display, the chances are that the person seeing the site will want to do a little research on the company in order to see whether it is a trustworthy source or not to buy from. For this reason it is recommended that you link on your mini site some sort of access to your company’s parent site. In addition to this, it is possible to run more than 1 mini or niche site at a time, meaning it’s possible to significantly increase the traffic to your website. 


Mini sites also provide particularly good marketing leverage for companies that may have a number of products or services with differing “personalities” between them. One of the easiest examples to give here is a fragrance company selling two types of perfumes, each with a marketing voice of their own. Launching a mini site can dramatically help you maintain a clear and relevant marketing voice because it is so targeted, that it lets you get down to the nitty gritty specifics. While allowing for reference to your parent site from your mini site, potential customers can properly feel out the product which you are trying to push, and also the company that is selling that product. 


We wouldn’t recommend incorporating the use of mini site tactics before having an established website to refer back to. You want people to be able to properly reach your company and establish a trusting customer base.


Want the results of running a mini site without the hassle? We have a team of experts at Methodika who will not only do that, but enjoy every second of it. We will, through constant cooperation with you and your company, build a multi-faceted approach through the use of minisites that will boost your sales and brand exposure, while strictly keeping to your company values and the pursuit of it’s vision. Want to know more? Contact us now and receive your free consultation. One small step with us, a huge step for you and your business! 

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