Methodika Guide to Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media is making use of the many platforms of they offer in order to create more awareness for your brands, boost sales and drive traffic to your websites. The key factor is publishing quality content that is coherent with your goals, so that followers can engage with you and your business. 

The main social media platforms at the moment are Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat and Youtube. 


Birds Eye View of Social Media Marketing

The way business first began working with social media was through publishing, trying to share content in order to drive traffic to the website and hopefully boost conversion rates. Since the early days of social media however, the platforms have really developed and become a proper tool for businesses to use in order to not only boost sales but additionally to achieve long term goals, earn buyer trust, create demand and establish themselves in the competitive marketplace. In order to properly make use of this crucial tool, we have prepared a small guide to Social Media Marketing for you. 



We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, the pursuit of every venture, idea, business and all of the above, requires you to start with a sound strategy. Take the time that is necessary to define your goals, business, brand or otherwise. This will pave the way for you to properly think of the methods you pursue, will help understand what platforms are best to focus on, the style and frequency of content that you want to share and more. We would recommend at first to start small, pick 2 or 3 main social media platforms to work and focus on and then once you have the methodology down properly you can expand to the other platforms. 



When it comes to small business, social media marketing normally starts with building a consistent presence on any one of the platforms of your choosing. Presence increases the likelihood of discovery. 

You’re going to want to make sure that there is some coherence to the posts and publishing you are doing on social media, think of it like publishing a story that is broken down into many parts. This requires planning ahead with your marketing team in order to come up with how to post. Another element of planning is researching when your target audience is most likely to be exposed to what you write, so try to publish at these times and with the right frequency. 



When you have gotten the hang of posting a variety of content at the right time, you should start to notice an increase (provided you have uploaded quality content) in your following online. People will respond to your posts, tag you, mention you or perhaps even get in touch with you directly. It’s important to monitor these interactions because they will serve as your indicator and/or feedback for how to proceed with your strategy. Listen to your audience because social media is not only for them to listen to you, but for you to hear from them. 



Being a listening ear to the people who engage with your activity on social media is useful but not overarching enough to learn how your campaigns are actually performing. It’s recommended to use the in depth information provided by the social media platforms so that they can shed light on useful metrics like – post reach, comparisons, positive mentions, hashtags used, time spent on a post and more!


Paid Advertising

When you feel you want to give your social media marketing that extra boost, you can consider paid advertising (PPC) which will help you reach a larger audience than those who are already following you. You can opt for PPC Campaigns where you can choose exactly the audience you want to advertise to based on behaviour, demographics, interests and more. 

Now that you have learnt some of the possibilities of social media marketing, why not explore how far it can really take you? On top of website building and design, SEO and Web Development services, we are experts in Social Media Marketing. Methodika has the secrets to take you to the next level, so Contact Us today for a free consultation!


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