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A landing page can serve as a significant resource for any digital marketer looking to boost brand awareness and optimize conversion rates within their business. Don’t worry if this is a term that you aren’t all that familiar with, we’re here to help you with this short guide, as well as available for a free consultation with one of our experts here at Methodika.


Landing Pages – What are they?

Always best to start with the basics right? Unlike your regular web pages, which will normally allow for browsers to understand a little bit more about your brand and the services you offer, a landing page has a very unique focus or aim in mind and internet surfers typically arrive to them by clicking a link from an email, or by responding to an ad on any number of Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) as well as Google Ads. You can read on how to optimize your Social Media presence of your brand by clicking here.


Landing Page vs Homepage 

The difference between the two is actually fairly simple. A homepage typically has a large number of links, which are meant for any site visitors to explore what your company has to offer, whereas a Landing Page only has one. There is a specific reason for this, while a homepage is one of your most significant resources as a digital marketer, it won’t necessarily turn your site surfers into buyers. The power of landing pages lies in the fact that it has less distractions, it’s to the point, showing for example a particular deal, and does a much better job in optimizing your conversion rates. 


Is there only one type of Landing Page?

Nope! While there are many existing variations of a landing page, that can be tailor made to any business or specific goal, there are 2 main styles of landing page. 

  • Lead Generation Landing Pages – Think of this as the “scout” of landing pages. It’s purpose is to collect information about potential buyers through the use of a form that collects data like the names and/or email addresses of visitors.
  • Clickthrough Landing Pages – This is a favorite for eCommerce website marketers, and includes a simple clickable button that sends the site visitor into the checkout page or a transaction completion page. Think of this as the landing page version of Amazon’s 1-click ordering. 


Drive traffic to your Landing Page!

Unlike Moses and his people, you don’t want your visitors wandering the internet for 40 years trying to get to the promised land (your product and/or services in this case), poor them, who knows where they would end up? To get your landing page to work for you properly in boosting online sales, you’re going to need to guide people to your page, here are some methods for doing exactly that! 

  • Paid Social Traffic – In this increasingly digital world of marketing (shoutout to CoVid-19) it’s important to make good use of various social media platforms. Putting up ads on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. is a great way to reach consumers who may be interested in what your brand has to offer. The advantage here is that you can also target them based on their demographic data, the terms they search, and the general interests indicated by their browser history. It’s important to note that every social media outlet has it’s own unique characteristics, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when working on Landing Pages. Don’t worry our experts are the best in the business when it comes to this sort of thing. 
  • Paid Search Traffic – Ever seen those google Ads every time you search any given topic? These have a slightly different look than the other terms on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These Pay-Per Click ads (PPC), are purchased by digital marketers and a visitor can click on the ad, sending them to your Landing Page. 
  • Organic Search Traffic – This refers to any traffic that is generated without payment, that is through an “organic” use of internet browsing. For this to work properly, you’re going to want to make sure that your site contains a lot of useful and informational content for any visitors in regards to your services. Read up on SEO to understand the best methods for doing this.


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