Unless you have been living under a rock (we hope not), you have most likely heard the term eCommerce. The term represents a business model whereby business transactions take place online. The easiest example of a successful eCommerce website is Amazon. Put in the simplest of terms, eCommerce is a virtual store, one that represents an enormous part of the market that a business couple potentially be selling to. 


WooCommerce on the other hand is a feature offered by WordPress, a popular content management system. The service offered by WooCommerce is that it can support all stages of the transaction, from the marketing (through high quality content) all the way to the conversion itself. There are other website building companies that offer similar services, however there is a limitation on how customizable these websites are. With WooCommerce, you have complete control over your website once it’s set up, and therefore you have much better say on how your online business is running. You don’t need a computer programming degree, this platform is highly maneuverable to both beginning and more advanced users. 


Why eCommerce

Before we get into why WooCommerce is a stellar and recommended platform, lets talk about why your business should have an eCommerce website built specifically for your needs. 


  • 24/7 Accessibility – You aren’t limited to your store hours. Your business, expertise, and anything else your brand has to offer are available at any hour of the day, to the whole world, not just the region your physical store operates in. 
  • Builds Trust – When owning and operating an online store, there is a certain amount of trust to be built with your potential client. When they can refer to a high quality eCommerce store with a lot of good content, they will be more inclined to take what you and your business have to offer. The more the consumer trusts you and your brand (and the more opportunities for trust you give them), the more recognition your brand will receive organically, translating into higher sales. 
  • Data – Having an eCommerce Store will give you the added benefit of producing useful statistical data for you, serving as a crucial indicator for your sales rates, website impressions, google rankings and trends in website traffic, providing you with a roadmap on how to proceed in following stages. 

Why WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a platform which helps build an eCommerce store using WordPress, allowing you to sell pretty much anything and better yet, its completely free to use. WooCommerce can silt almost any size of business, small to large. Here are some advantages for using WooCommerce:


  • No Technical Expertise Needed – You won’t need an advanced degree, qualification or training to set up your store, it’s user friendly nature and many online guides allow anyone the possibility of working with it. 
  • It’s Secure – Safety online is of paramount importance. WooCommerce is owned by Automattic who guarantee vehemently the safety of it’s users. 
  • Customizable – Using the themes options, you have full-range customizability when it comes to your store, allowing you to make it look however most pleases your eye.
  • Friendly to all Devices – WooCommerce ensures that your store is available to mobile users as well. 
  • Multi-Featured – WooCommerce has a significant number of plugins which will help you when trying to add different functionalities to your eCommerce store. An example of such a plugin is Products Slider, which allows you to showcase chosen products, advertise sales events and more in a way that will catch the eye of any visitor. 


Of Course you aren’t limited to the sale of physical products when choosing to use WooCommerce, you are also able to sell digital products like eBooks, music, logos, digital subscriptions and anything else you can think of. Basically, if you want to sell anything online, WooCommerce is one of your best friends in doing so. 

Want us to do all the work for you? While WooCommerce gives the average person a huge arsenal of options for building an online store, there is no substitute for that professional touch which makes the difference between a standard website and a beautiful and profitable one. We recognize the value of optics and have a full team of experts at the ready to design beautiful and responsive, fully integrated WordPress websites so that your business can reach the next level. What are you waiting for? Get in contact now!

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