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Manage and control keywords, budget, ad timing, audience, and geo-target area with custom pay-per-click ads on all display networks and search engines.

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Position yourself at the top of Google search results by improving user experience and strengthening your company’s organic search traffic.

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Creative Content

Attract new visitors, and retain them with daily creative content designed precisely for your audience. Get the very best engaging content that is tailor-made for your business.

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Tech Services

Contact our professional team of web developers, IT crew, and tech support, about any questions you may have regarding one of our services.

Lead Generation

Increase your clientele with accurate media targeting and lead generation. Get quick conversion rates, and target your audience with precise media advertising and campaign management.

Link Building

Create quality links by collaborating with authority websites of all sizes. Showcase your products and services by following the latest Google SEO rules and restrictions to make sure you get maximum exposure at minimal risk.

Campaign Audit

Examine your campaign’s overall performance with the latest analytical tools available today. By receiving a comprehensive examination of a campaign’s influence, you will be able to fix weak spots and find out the strengths you need to emphasize.


Take advantage of the powerful marketing tools available on social media platforms, and interact with existing and potential clients on some of the world’s largest marketing outlets.

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In the ever-changing game of online marketing, those who change along with the rules are the ones who come out on top. Our mission at Methodika is to provide our clients with the best and most advanced online marketing tools to get them to the top of the game. Founded in 2015, Methodika has provided digital marketing services for companies of all sizes and all kinds. The foresight and flexibility of Methodika are what allows us to build precision campaigns for our clients, that help them exceed their expectations each and every time. By incorporating your goals and our professional knowledge, using our own Optimization Algorithm, we will devise the best digital campaigns to get you to where you need to go. Combining all the tools we have at our disposal, including targeted PPC, accurate SEO content and search words, as well as custom-made creative content, help us provide our clients with the latest online marketing trends. We at Methodika translate our clients’ passion into results that can be quantified and measured at your request. To make sure that you reach the goals you have set for yourself, our team of writers, analysts, marketing experts, and even tech support, devotes itself to each campaign as if it is the only one. To make a business grow, you must change your marketing methods along with the rules of the game. Methodika is where you can promote your business in an optimal way by collaborating with our marketing experts that know the game to a T. GROW WITH US


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