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What kind of website is the most suitable for your business? Our websites can increase your profits – This is our goal. An E-commerce website? Selling products? Sending information and branding? An image site? Read More!


Attract new visitors, and retain them with daily creative content designed precisely for your audience. Get the very best engaging content that is tailor-made for your business.


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In the ever-changing game of online marketing, those who change along with the rules are the ones who come out on top. Our mission at Methodika is to provide our clients with the best and most advanced online marketing tools to get them to the top of the game.
Founded in 2015, Methodika has provided digital marketing services for companies of all sizes and all kinds. The foresight and flexibility of Methodika are what allow us to build precise campaigns for our clients, that help them exceed their expectations each and every time.
 By incorporating your goals and our professional knowledge, using our own Optimization Algorithm, we will devise the best digital campaigns to get you to where you need to go.

Great Methods That Works


Combining all the tools we have at our disposal, including targeted PPC, accurate SEO content and search words, as well as custom-made creative content, help us provide our clients with the latest online marketing trends. We at Methodika translate our clients’ passion into results that can be quantified and measured at your request.
To make sure that you reach the goals you have set for yourself, our team of writers, analysts, marketing experts, and even tech support, devotes itself to each campaign as if it is the only one.
To make a business grow, you must change your marketing methods along with the rules of the game. Methodika is where you can promote your business in an optimal way by collaborating with our marketing experts that know the game to a T. GROW WITH US

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Website Building

For any business to succeed, there is a stark need for a website so that you can start going about building a brand and develop your business. Building a clean and responsive website is no easy thing however, considering not everyone has the expertise to build one. Whether you are a small or large business, here are 10 things that you will need to know about building a website. For those of you reading this who already own a website, these tips may help you improve what has already been built.

Vision and Strategy

The first step on any road? It’s obvious, but you would be surprised how easy this step is to skip. Figure out your vision and strategy. This can be a fairly time consuming task, but it’s extremely worth it in the long run. Figure out what you want, where you see your business/exposure in 5 years and how your website will reflect this. Make sure to properly conceptualize what the values of the business are. If this isnt clear to you, it will never be clear to you consumer or customer, which will make boosting your conversion rates that much more difficult. Try to make things as professional and clear as possible. 

Customer Point of View

Once the vision of your company has been properly conceptualized, and the strategy for attaining your goals has been properly laid out, you can think of what you want to put in your actual website and how you would like it to be designed and structured. Think of how you want your site visitors to feel when they arrive to your site. Do you want their mind blown? Would you prefer they feel calm? What is your target audience? Figuring these out will present you with a clearer road map for the future, providing you with a good website strategy. You thus will have a large variety of options at your disposal, and a number of ways to go about using them. 


Put in the simplest of terms, map out what you want your website to look like. You can draw inspiration from other websites you enjoyed your experience on, or maybe you have already though of what you want, whatever it is, write this down and spend some time actually mapping this out. Sketch the drop down menus, the structure of each page, where the pictures will go, the more detail the better. Remember to do all this thinking someone who knows nothing about you might be seeing these so try to make this as clear and easy for the visitor as possible

Make every page matter

Try to avoid having filler pages. If the content has no purpose or provides no added value to your brand, product or business, there is no reason for it to be on your website. Your webpages are the tactic that allow you to pursue your marketing strategy and eventually boost your conversion rates and branding. Anyone interacting with your online presence should constantly feel as though what they are accessing is useful and informative to them in some way, therefore it’s best to avoid adding content that wont garner the interest of your intended audience!


This is an important one, and will vastly improve your site visibility and your position on Google SERPs. The content itself might not bring people directly to your website, landing pages can help with that, however if the content is of high quality and is engaging, it will be enough to capture visitor attention and you will allow them to learn more about what you have to offer. In this aspect you also need to remember your vision and overall strategy because it will surely impact the type of content you are creating and posting, how often you will be posting it and finally who you are targeting. In case you are interested in how to drive traffic to your website, you can read more about it in the Blog section. Don’t underestimate the power of content. Becoming a source of knowledge can earn you buyer trust and give you a serious leg over your competition. 

Website Responsivity

This is where we highly recommend a professional service be involved. The digital age has made people able to process information more quickly and therefore has made them less patient. For this reason it is absolutely crucial that you build a responsive website both on computer based platforms and mobile platforms. Lagging, slow load times, unresponsiveness are a sure way to bury your site and ensure that you lose hits. Your website reflects your business, meaning an unresponsive and unprofessional website is an unprofessional and unresponsive business. We’ve moved to a time that prioritizes experience, so make sure not to forget this aspect when building your site. 

Employ Contact Details

This may feel like a very obvious tip, but it’s an action which is forgotten quite often. It’s important to ensure that once you have properly captured the attention of visitors to your site, that they see a clear way to get in touch with you. It is recommended to have contact details or a “contact us” button on the bottom of every page.


The best way to characterise this aspect is as your roadmap. At this stage you already have a website launched and on the internet, hopefully with daily visits. Tools like Google Analytics will help you a lot in understanding what pages and parts of your websites are more successful and getting more attention, and which parts aren’t.

Call To Action

The goal of a call to action is to encourage your visitors to make an action on your site like making a purchase, signing up, or making contact. The addition of this option can help improve the traffic to your website. 

contact a professional!

As you can see, building a website in a professional way can be a complex process, so why not turn to the experts? We at Methodika take pride in our professional services in building dream websites for people. We are waiting to do the same for you, in a way that takes into consideration every tip we just gave you and more! Feel free to reach out, and you’ll get a free consultation!

Build an eCommerce Website

Whether your business is large, small, fresh and new in the market, or an established and trusted brand with a rolodex of customers, the ebbs and flows of the market have made selling your products and services online an indispensable resource for bringing your business to newer heights. Conducting your business online through eCommerce will allow for you to cast a wide net in order to catch potential customers. You should know, the level of competition online is fierce, but regardless of this, having an eCommerce website largely outweighs the alternative outcomes of not owning one. No we are by no means suggesting that you should move your entire business online, quite the opposite. Having both a physical store and an online store allows for a two pronged approach, where both your sales and marketing play off and compliment each other. 

Lower Costs

In general, it is less costly to open up a store online than it is to run a physical store. While there is a cost involved in building and maintaining a website, it is negligible when comparing them to the costs of a physical store which includes costs such as paying working, paying rent, utility bills and property taxes. Besides the added earning potential of operating online, an eCommerce store can end up doing a great job in saving you and your business a lot of money. 

24/7 Accessibility

You know the wonderful late nights where sometimes you can’t sleep, so you spend your time flipping through online stores and then maybe end up buying something? Or while you are doing that, you remember that you forgot to buy your mom a birthday present but somehow still ended up with 5 extra things in your shopping cart? You would be surprised at how many people shop like this, and having an eCommerce store will make your line of products and/or services available 24/7 not just to the country you operate in but to the entire world. 


At Methodika, we work with a system called WordPress, a content management system built for websites which has gathered widespread popularity because of the ease with which you can add, remove, edit and change the content being displayed on your website. The meaning for your eCommerce store? With the click of a button you can update your clients and website visitors on any sales, deals, new merchandise, special events and more. This way people can regularly stay up to date with your business. 

Status Reports

Having a store online and a good pool of online customers gives you the benefit of having statistical data. Selling through an online store within as soon as a month will give you data about customer interactions, putting in a feedback loop about how customers are interacting with your store. You will be able to understand what products interest people the most, which ones sell more/less, and adding small features like a feedback or comments section can allow for customers to tell you exactly what you can do to improve according to them. 

It’s estimated that 87% of all shoppers, even those who intend to physically go to a store or mall to buy their product, begin their shopping experience with an online search. People enjoy doing their research and seeing the product which they intend to buy beforehand

They will be influenced by the design of the website, the UX, the ease with which they find information but ultimately they will reach you simply because of the fact that you have an online presence. At Methodika we pride ourselves on our exceptional services for building eCommerce websites. Our goal is to get you to the next level and boost your business. Your results are our pride. Feel free to contact us now to build the best eCommerce store on the market, designed specifically for you! Already have a website? Feel free to check out our blog to see how you can improve your eCommerce business. 


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